Maybe you've already found your secret Caribbean hideaway, or maybe not - either way, you owe it to yourself to book a flight (or, better, charter a yacht) to this lush twin-peaked island. Head for Jalousie Bay, in the valley of the two Piton mountains, and hike into the interior on the gently rising dirt road to the settlement of Fon Gens Libre, where chickens and other livestock roam freely. Hire a (mandatory) guide at Gros Piton Tours, and spiral up the larger Piton to the 2,619-foot summit. Even if you dawdle and snack on tart wild guava, you'll still have time to hit the beach - so head for the rugged, sparsely populated Atlantic coast. Between Dennery and Vieux Fort, ask locals to point you toward Honeymoon Beach, which is not easy to find, and therefore lives up to its name.

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