The Fox Deluxe Caliber is unapologetically a motorcycle jacket, which means it isn't adorned with unnecessary straps but is cut loose enough in the chest and tight enough at the waist to complement a collared shirt. In fact, a tie looks entirely reasonable sticking out of the collar's ribbed interior, a softer detail juxtaposed against a subtle-but-macho neck tab. The shoulders – loose enough not to inhibit movement – are subtly quilted and topped with low-profile epaulets. A spacious front pocket fits a cell phone, and stash pockets on the sleeves fit that lighter, iPod, or pocketknife.

And the jacket is soft. The New Zealand lamb leather gives way quickly (and smells more like an old glove than a new car). Over time, the arms may crinkle, but sturdy construction ensures that the chest and back will wear evenly – which is fortunate because this is a coat designed to be worn. Neither punk nor glitzy, the Caliber is better suited to Air Force runways than fashion parties. The practical leather jacket lives on. [$650;]