Just vying for the chance (there's a lottery every year) to fish for Atlantic salmon on this legendary river will set you back $66. Even then, your odds of winning are a measly 5 percent to 10 percent. Of course, you can enter the drawing as many times as you want under the name of your about-to-be-born niece or your 92-year-old shut-in neighbor.

"It's worth it," says Morris. "Having one of these big fish rise to your fly in such beautiful surroundings is a never-to-be-forgotten experience."

During the summer, anglers in the land of the midnight sun can fish at all hours in broad daylight, but according to the late Sampson R. Field, a wealthy American businessman who paid $35,000 every year for the exclusive rights to fish the Alta in July, the best fishing is when the sun is low on the horizon. Even if you don't get one of the up to 100-pound Atlantic salmon, Alta's gorge is worth a visit. Call ahead to enter the lottery. [visitnorway.com]