Using only the might of pumpkin seed, baking soda, and tea tree oil, Sam's Natural Deodorant recently got us B.O.-free through a weeklong expedition to and through the southern stretches of Patagonia. There were no unsolicited wafts of "sandwich" to interfere with the crisp, clean air on the trail, which included at least one 12-mile-long, 1,000-foot incline and an afternoon of bundled-up cramping on a glacier. Nor were there any strange oniony smells to betray us on the near 24-hour journey just to get down there. The formula, which also includes pumpkin seed oil and aloe vera to soothe, is set in a solid stick with the consistency of a firm wax and swipes on completely dry and clean. Once back and forth, once a day, and we were good to go. Another benefit we noticed: Sweating was tempered (not stopped), consistent with the product not being billed as an antiperspirant.

So why the all-natural thing when it comes to deodorant? There are numerous reasons. Primarily, the chemicals many drugstore deodorants and antiperspirants use can cause rashes on sensitive skin, something that can be intensely irritating what with all the motion on hikes and in sports. The heavy metals in antiperspirants, the main culprit being aluminum, have been controversially linked to Alzheimer's and cancer. On a more superficial level, aluminum is the reason you have crusty yellow circles on the underarms of your favorite shirts.

Sam's Natural Deodorant Unscented skews woody, but there's also your choice of all-natural, subtle, and guy-appropriate scents like Tobacco, Cedar, and Leather. [$8.95 for 2.65 oz;]