"The NBA is full of world class players, almost any of whom can deliver if given the playing time," Alagappan says. Last summer, he suggested there was hidden value in Devin Ebanks, a Lakers forward who had hardly played. When injuries forced the second-year man into the lineup in the post-season, Ebanks scored in double digits four times. "We saw it last year with Jeremy Lin, and this year we're seeing it with James Harden," he notes. "He came off the bench for Oklahoma City, but given the starting minutes he's able to put up numbers at a much higher rate." Alagappan has identified a number of undervalued players you've probably never heard of: Kosta Koufus, Marcus Thornton, Hamed Haddadi, Elliot Williams. His recommendation to coaches is to get them on the court. "Give them more playing time and there's a good chance they could perform at the level of some stars, because their per-minute production is statistically very similar to an NBA star who plays the same position."