Under its lovingly retro, Sixties-flashback exterior, the PEN E-P5 packs smarts that make it the new must-carry ILC. Its shutter speed gets as fast as 1/8000s, particularly useful for blurring the background in portraits, even in overly bright conditions, and a five-axis image-stabilization system (a shake-fighting feature formerly available only on the company's larger models) nabs crisper shots every snap. Our favorite feature? Its ability to change the function of its control dials (from ISO and white-balance adjustment, say, to shutter speed and aperture). For those wanting to exert more control over their photos, clever shortcuts like that might just get you the shot you want. When you're done shooting, transfer images for sharing using the PEN's built-in WiFi, which seamlessly pairs to Android and iOS phones.  [$1,000 (body only); getolympus.com]