Trek bucks two major trends for its mainstream take on the longtail cargo bike with a welded aluminum frame instead of heavier chromoly steel, as well as its own integrated cargo platform instead of the industry-standard "LT" system pioneered by Xtracycle. Huge panniers (one is included) swallow two standard grocery bags each, while a pair of flip-down parcel shelves handle bulkier loads.

The Transport's lower weight makes it easier to pilot, especially when unloaded, although it's also flexier than usual, so you'll need to carefully distribute its 225 lb. maximum cargo capacity for safe handling.

The included components are fairly low-rent but perfectly functional for the task at hand, including a basic Shimano 2x8 transmission and front disc brake matched to a conventional rim brake on back. If all of this still sounds like too much work, there's also the Transport+ version with a burly 250-watt electric motor, but that kind of laziness will cost you an extra $960. [$1,840;]