Applying this product is like taking a multi-vitamin, a freshly blended vegetable juice, an anti-inflammatory, and a cup of coffee, and then rubbing them all into your face. And it should be, considering MD Solar Science's founder is Dr. Robert J Friedman, a dermatologic oncologist and clinical professor at the NYU School of Medicine. There are nine powerful wrinkle-fighting anti-oxidants, including extracts of green tea, mushrooms, sunflowers, grapes and rosemary, as well as a healthy blend of nourishing, firming, and calming moisturizers that make this a good stand in for your aftershave. And, bonus: They're set in a 24-hour time release formulation. The thin white cream has a spearmint scent, disappears almost immediately, and, we're not gonna lie, comes in a bottle that looks sharp. [$68/1.7 oz.;]