The easiest way to pack nutrient-dense whole foods into your diet is by drinking a smoothie. But not just any smoothie. I'm talking about one packed with non-stimulating, energy-boosting foods such as hemp, chia, and flax. These ingredients will sustain your energy and cognitive ability for several hours. I always travel with a bag of these ingredients, or Vega One, which is complete and provides compete protein, greens, essential fatty acids, probiotics, and enzymes. Plus, when you start off the day with a nutrient-packed smoothie, it sets the tone. You'll find that you're simply not as interested in standard processed foods. I view a breakfast smoothie as a preemptive strike against the day's cravings and our general conditioned desires to eat poorly. And you'll also find that, over time, your palate will begin to change; you'll start to crave good foods and your desire for junk will simply fade.

Of course, you'll need a compact blender to make this happen. You'll want one that is small enough to wash in a standard hotel bathroom sink, and can easily be cleaned with water and a paper towel. Try the recipe below:

Ginger Pear Smoothie

1 banana
1/2 pear, cored
1 1/2 cups water plus 1 cup ice
1 tbsp ground flaxseed
1 tbsp hemp protein
1 tbsp grated ginger

Blend it all in a blender until it reaches a drinkable consistency. Makes two medium smoothies.