Best for: Everything but your phone, including keys, cash, cards, and ID. It's the all-in-one minimalist.

The Coach Bleeker was designed for those among us who can't stand having anything in their front pockets. We know a few dedicated half-zip carriers, and they make a lot of sense: Carry your house keys, some twenties, and an ID. Don't sweat the other stuff.

With that inexorable logic in mind, we sought and found the plushest, smartest half-zip we could and then put it to the test. The verdict? We could get used to this. Not only do you never have to worry about anything falling out, it's also really nice to have a place to put small essentials when you want to empty your front pockets. Plus, keys can ruin a good pair of pants.

A particularly nice feature of the Bleecker is its removable ID case. Say you're headed to a concert with a romantic interest and will be making regular trips to the bar. Pop out the little passcase, slide a debit card in there and keep it in your shirt or hip pocket for fast access. Leave the unzipping for later. [$158;]