"Adios Golf Club in Fort Lauderdale is my main club," says Marino, who has been a member for 20 years. Designed by golf legend Arnold Palmer and named by former jockey Delvin Miller after one of harness racing's greatest studs, Adios is Marino's main club. "You can go up there and play quick," Marino says. "It's just a fun place." It's also an all men's club, with a clientele that's seemingly a whirlwind who's who of American sports. "Alex Rodriguez is a member there, Chris Carter, Carl Yastrzemski. I play with them occasionally," Marino says. "Bernard Langer, Andy Mill, the fisher. They're all pretty good." Topping the list, though, is the time Marino played against Michael Jordan. "It was a lot of fun because he's competitive," Marino says. "He likes to win, he likes the game." Marino says money changed hands in the end, but is coy about how much (or who won).