With the raised mounds of grass at Sawgrass that serve as stadium seating for the PGA Players Championship, stepping up to the tee there will make anyone feel like a pro. For the NFL great, he humbly says his son is closer to being the real thing at Sawgrass than he is. "I really like Sawgrass. It's just really hard," Marino says. "My son is on the golf team there, and he wins most of the time, which means he's pretty good because I'm decent." Marino notes that he plays at Sawgrass only sparingly, in order to minimize the damage to his handicap, thanks to treacherous holes like the par 3, 132-yard 17th, known simply as the Island Green – one of golf's most famously difficult holes. "Just the drama of that, when you see the best players in the world playing Sawgrass and then you get a chance to play it..." Considering this is coming from a guy who played in the Super Bowl, it's one heck of an endorsement.