To the envy of every ensemble actor doing hard time in Burbank, the majority of Kim's television career has been performing on blockbuster shows like 'Lost' and 'Hawaii Five-0,' both of which are based in sunny Hawaii. This, not surprisingly, has set well with Kim, who has lived here for nearly a decade. "You would think in the middle of the Pacific all of the islands are the same, but each one actually does have its own character," he says. "Maui is great for water sports, has beautiful beaches, but there are still little towns you can go visit in case you get bored just hanging out on a beach all day. The Big Island is huge – you can fit all the other islands inside the Big Island, geographically. They all have pretty distinct characters." Still, when forced to pick a favorite, Kim chose Oahu over all the others. "I like visiting all of the other ones, but Oahu is my home."