Finally, because every guy needs somewhere close to home, there's Mac's, in Vaughn's own Dallas. "This is my guilty-pleasure barbecue," he says. "Whether it's the banter with owner Billy McDonald or the killer sauce, this is the local place where folks are happy to become regulars." Did Vaughn say sauce? "I talk plenty about eschewing sauce, but Mac's is where I get my brisket chopped, my sandwiches sloppy, and my hands dripping in barbecue sauce," he tells us. (While sauce is generally frowned upon in Texas barbecue, he describes the East Texas style, which you'll find in the urban centers and suburbs, as descended from a Deep South, sauce-heavy lineage.) Here, after 10,000 miles, Vaughn no longer has to be a purist road warrior of the dusty plains or battle it out for meat that has diseappeared well before noon. And to go with that chopped, sloppy, sauced meat? Mac's ranch beans and "damn good fries."