"In vegetable cookery, as far as the flavor profile, everything is kind of in the middle," Woo says. "So we don't pair or sell a lot of cabernets or zinfandels or other big, really bold, aged wines. We deal in subtleties; it's not a big, charred piece of meat." As such Natural Selection's wine list is long on picks from the Pacific Northwest's spectacular valleys – Willamette, Columbia, Yakima, Rogue – but also includes options from the Old World.

For the beginning of a meal, Woo suggest a well-rounded white wine like a pinot blanc or a Viognier: not too dry or acidic and not too oaky. Then with the entrees, he suggests moving on to a rich, medium-bodied red wine; pinot noirs, Tempranillo, and riojas tend to fit this not-too-fruity, not-too-tannic profile.