By Rob Shaul, Mountain Athlete, Jackson, Wyoming 

Shaul's workouts often include three separate circuits: one for strength; one that trains work capacity, or your ability to work at threshold for several minutes; and one for the core, which stabilizes the spine and helps prevent injury. Do the following routine once.

Part 1: 6 rounds

  • Hip extension: 3 reps dead lift 
  • Push: 5 reps overhead press
    (add weight with each rep until you hit a weight that allows you to complete the fifth and sixth sets but with difficulty)

Part 2: 10 rounds (start each round on the minute, rest for the remainder of the minute)

  • Full body: 5 burpees
  • Hip extension: 10 unweighted walking lunges
  • Pull: 5 pull-ups

Part 3: 4 rounds

  • Core: 30-second plank
  • Core: 10 back extensions
  • Core: 10 hanging knee raises