Best for: Taking on an adventure.

Made in the United States out of Filson's famous 22-ounce oil-finish tin cloth, this tri-fold is proof that some companies actually listen to their customers. According to Filson, a firefighter asked them to make something like this, so they did.

Good idea. Tin cloth is tough and thick. Impregnated with wax, it's water resistant and almost impossible to fray or tear. So it's an ideal material for something that's going to take years of wear and tear, like an adventure junkie's wallet.

In lieu of a waterfall, we held the Filson under a spigot, with real money and such inside. The results: Dry as a bone, like a duck's back, etc. And it's a cool design, reminiscent of an field jacket, with a little pocket flap that folds over and tucks into an exterior pocket. Inside, you've got a billfold, two pockets, and two card slots. [$44;]