"I remember sitting on the south coast of France during lunchtime, and everyone was drinking half bottles of Noilly Prat and Martini Rosso with slices of freshly cut oranges and I was blown away." McGarry says. "I just think an aperitif-styled drink is a wonderful way to start the day."

One of the most classic of those aperitifs is the Americano, a light, refreshing, and sparkly 19th-century Milanese cocktail. Equal parts Campari and sweet vermouth and topped off with either a dash or a deluge of soda water (depending on your taste and tolerance), the Americano is famed as both the precursor to the Negroni and the first drink that James Bond ever ordered. It's also a shockingly good hangover cure. "It has the bitterness from the Campari, the herbs from the vermouth, and along with the bubbles from the soda water, it's ideal for settling your stomach," Macy adds.

To make one, simply pour the ingredients over ice and give them a good stir. And, while it's not bartender recommended, if you're looking for the full 007 experience, the superspy offers his own pro tip: Substitute Perrier for run-of-the-mill soda water.

• 1 oz Campari
• 1 oz sweet vermouth
• Soda water (fill to the top – or to taste)

Pour into a Collins glass, and garnish with half an orange slice or a lemon peel.