A sure way to establish cred is to create an air of authenticity. For this, Carton recommends opting for trivia about otherwise big events for a team. "You need to pick out one fact, the more obscure the better, so that you can always bring it up when you are having a conversation about it," he says. For Carton, a diehard Mets fan, the 1986 Mets are immortal. And while even a lukewarm fan would surely know about Mookie Wilson's groundball in Game 6 that trickled through the legs of Bill Buckner, the real proof is being able to recall the oddball. "You need to know about the parachute guy that flew onto the field out of the night sky," Carton says. (That would be Michael Sergio, an actor who literally dropped in on Shea Stadium during Game 6 wearing a sign proclaiming "Let's Go Mets.") "That you would only know if you were a diehard fan of that team," he points out. "You've got know these things."