Range: 38 miles
Mileage: 98 mpge
Who wants one: Early adopters who want an electric car but still take the occasional road trip

Thanks to Volt owners agreeing to beam their data back to GM, Chevy has a fairly complete picture of how they are using their cars. And it appears that Volt drivers go out of their way to avoid the gas pump. They report that the typical Volt owner drives 900 miles between visits to the gas station. And that's not just because the Volt is a smoother, more satisfying drive when it's in electric mode. It's also because the Volt's 98 mpge drops to a mere 37 mpg once the battery goes flat after about 38 miles. And at that point, you may as well be driving a 42-mpg Cruze Eco – a.k.a. a Volt that's not hauling around a 435-pound battery. [Price: $31,645 after federal tax credit; chevrolet.com]