Having to punch in at 6 am leaves little time for leisure or preparation, but Mike and Mike have learned to make the most of every minute. "I have a lengthy commute, and it is probably the most productive part of my day," says Greenberg, who is driven to the station. Although not everyone can enjoy the luxury of a chauffeur, Greenberg's sooner-rather-than-later approach could benefit anyone who uses public transportation. "I get more done in an hour, in the back of a car with my iPad than I probably do any other hour of my entire day." 

It only takes Golic 15 minutes to get to work, but he says that's sufficient for him to comfortably cram before going on the air. "I will have to read stuff the night before and kind of know what's going on, and I listen to ESPN and see if anything is breaking." He also relies on a secret study partner: his wife. She wakes up with him and says goodbye every morning, and he says he relies on her for preliminary research before his show. "She starts flipping through Twitter – she's big into social media," Golic says. "And then she'll go back to sleep until the show starts and she'll watch the whole show. God bless her."