It's not that hard to find a good eye-level view of the country's most recognizable skyline – just visit the Empire State Building. It's more of a challenge to get a good vantage point from down low. Enter the kayak. From Manhattan Kayak Company's boathouse at Pier 66, kayakers point out into the Hudson River for an introductory tour and to take in glorious and downright intimidating views of the entire west side of the city. "When you're in Manhattan, you barely see the next corner," says guide Jules Gismondi. "That openness you get on the water, it just feels great." Even better? Go at night and watch as the sun sets over New Jersey and the looping lights of the George Washington Bridge, the USS Intrepid, and the Chrysler Building switch on.

More information: Day trips with Manhattan Kayak cost $40 per person. Evening trips cost double and are worth it.