One of the ways the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration keeps America's roads safe is by requiring that cars meet certain criteria. Unfortunately, some of the world's most exciting cars – and cars that are actually boats – don't meet the NHTSA's standards. TVR's sporty roadsters don't even come close. These speedy British classics lack airbags and ABS because the company's CEO felt that such Ralph Nader-approved amenities gave drivers a false sense of safety. TVR went out of business years ago – with that sort of market savvy one doesn't wonder why – but the company's cars are still much revered in England, where it is actually legal to drive them. Pick up a gorgeous TVR Sagaris at the London luxury car rental house Bespokes and drive into the Cotswolds at a clip. The car's performance is great – unless, of course, you hit something.

Other countries offer different opportunities for un-American driving. Across the Canadian border in Vancouver, enterprising drivers can find 2001 Nissan Skyline R32s – cars basically built for street racing – and make the drive to Whistler in a big hurry.