For those too young to know (or those too old to recall), McEnroe's nadir is not his tennis game in the late seventies, but the short-lived period in the nineties when he went on world tour as frontman for the Johnny Smyth Band. After two painful years onstage (at some shows, audience members would allegedly chuck tennis balls at him onstage), McEnroe gave up music and returned to tennis and has become a dominating doubles player on the Senior tour. Still, McEnroe says music has long been a hobby that offers him respite from the rigors of his career. "I didn't even start playing until I was maybe 20," he says, "and just because I was traveling so much with tennis, the idea was just to kill some time." He soon found it was a great escape from the stresses of the tour and so has made it a regular part of his life ever since. "I try to play every day in fact. It's just fun to do with friends and blow off steam and relax."