When, in the spring of 2012 Moscow completely banned Karl from entering the country for a period of five years, the indefatigable Yorkshireman decided to go on a 3,000-mile jaunt from Los Angeles to the Russian Embassy in Washington D.C. In September 2013 - with the support of 'House of Cards' creator Beau Willimon and record label owner Jordan Tappis - he set out on the 3,000-mile hike to the U.S. capital, where he hopes to convince the Russian government to grant him a visa. As of October 15, Karl was in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he was raising awareness about his quest. Celebrity reporter Robin Leach and former Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman came out to meet him as he walked onto the strip and he was offered a free meal at Gordon Ramsay's Pub & Grill and a room at Caesar's Palace. While posh grub and ritzy accommodations are somewhat novel for Karl, the real change on this leg has been his ability to get more people engaged with his mission via social media. "When I started out, it was before an age of smart phones, GPS, and the Internet," he told Leach. "I began with just a cassette player and a disposable camera. I've progressed as technology has progressed, and now, with GPS and the Web, everybody knows where I am any time of the day or night." Anyone interested in watching the longest walk in human history live can now tune in to Bushby3000.com, which Karl uses to broadcast his whereabouts. He's also gotten aggressive about maintaining his Instagram feed, which is currently full of images of Nevada's barren wastes (and his very plush hotel room).