Lest you think two Oscars have made the man snobby, Spacey's New York loyalty is to a quintessential West Village pizzeria. "If I'm in a car on the way to an airport, or a hotel," says Spacey, "I will stop at Joe's Pizza before and just get a pie." Joe's is exactly what it sounds like: a joint on Bleecker and Carmine, open since 1975 – and open every night until 5 a.m., which gives you a full hour to scarf down a slice after the bars close. In a New York that's changing fast, Joe's Pizza still conjures Reggie Jackson, the Ramones, and Tony Manero in 'Saturday Night Fever,' eating two slices while walking the streets of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. [Joe's Pizza; 7 Carmine Street, New York, NY, 212-366-1182]