The pitch: No sprays, lotions, or candles – this adhesive nontoxic skin patch keeps mosquitoes at bay by preventing them from tracking your carbon dioxide emissions for 48 hours.

The goods: Carbon dioxide? Yup. Mosquitoes track CO2 in much the same way that sharks track blood. The Kite Patch releases compounds that inhibit the neurons in mosquito's receptors from detecting your exhalations. Plus: five different colors for accessorizing your futurist philanthropy.

The result: $557,254 raised from more than 11,000 backers on Indiegogo – roughly 743% of the initial goal. The first batch of U.S. patches was shipped in late September and 140,000 are heading to Uganda soon. Reserving your own Kite Patch funds test deployments in malaria-prone countries. [$10–$1,000;]