A 150-acre former Jesuit sanctuary in the Berkshire Mountains, Kripalu excels at meditative exercises meant to ensure success – in the boardroom. "From aerospace engineers to overworked Wall Streeters, these workshops have helped hundreds improve their capacity for leadership roles," says Kripalu's coordinator, Carol Bosco Baumann, about the center's emphasis on "positive psychology" and punishing workouts. On the shore of Lake Mahkeenac, Kripalu offers classes in meditation through exercise – techniques to improve balance, weight transfer during sports, and better flexibility for mental focus – taught by leading Buddhist instructors like Jack Kornfield and board-certified staff neurologists, psychologists, and dietitians. The retreat rounds out its meditative curriculum with hiking, kayaking, and cross-country skiing. "The landscape is inspiring," says Baumann, "owing to the lake, the wooded trails, and the fact that Native Americans once walked here." While there are 800 different workshops to choose from, try the weekend-long Men's Yoga for the Soul program – a combination of relaxation techniques with classes on healthy living and meditation – before hitting one of the whirlpools at night. [From $196 for the weekend; kripalu.org]