Once you have some forearm endurance and a bit of strength, you'll need movement skills to progress. "Good climbing is all about technique," says Livesey.

Keep your arms straight.

"Whenever possible, hang on your skeleton rather than using your muscles to pull in or up," says Livesey. He compares it to carrying your groceries – you carry your groceries with straight arms, rather than bending your elbow to hold your groceries up.

Climb with your legs.

Climbing is much more about being able to transfer weight to and then push with your legs than it is about being able to do pull-ups, explains Livesey: "Again, it's just far more efficient if you can use the bigger muscles in your legs to do as much of the work as possible."

"Reach" with your hips.

In order to get the most length when reaching up with your hand, turn that same-side hip so it goes close into the wall (pictured above). "It's not the most intuitive way to move, because we're always used to squaring up to walk up stairs and climb ladders," says Livesey. "But this is the efficient way to gain reach."