Best for: All business, all the time.

Do you live in a tailored suit and enjoy reading the 'Wall Street Journal' while getting your shoes polished? Good for you. The Lotuff Bifold Wallet is your newest everyday carry. When it comes time to whip out the black company card and "take care of" the nine-course prix fixe for a few client heavies, you can't get any classier than this. You get three pockets: a few fresh business cards and a crisp bill in the center, flanked by your credit and debit cards. What could be smoother? But if you must, you can fit three cards on each side and some cash in the middle.

Made in the United States, the Lotuff features a design that folds high-end, vegetable-tanned leather back on itself, so you get the same finish on the wallet's inside and outside. The refined workmanship – impeccable edge burnishing – is equal to or better than anything featured here. And though this wallet is guaranteed for life, it likely won't do anything but age gracefully. [$195;]