"Even if they appear healthful, side items like beans and potato salads and antipasto mixes are also sneaky sources of calories and fat – especially most premade dishes from the deli," says Dulan. They're often made with high-fat dressings, vegetable oils, mayo, or heavy cream. But with a little prep work, you can create your own sides that are a lot healthier and just as flavorful. If you're following a recipe, Dulan suggests using less oil than it calls for and choosing olive, almond, or macadamia nut oil instead of canola or corn oils, which have more saturated fat. She says low-sodium soy sauce also adds awesome flavor. And for cream-based sides, just as with creamy dips, use Greek yogurt or light sour cream instead of mayo. Also try swapping noodles, which are devoid of nutrients, for a protein- and fiber-rich grain such as quinoa.