"Have you ever taken a drink of sangria and been like: I have a headache, right now?" Kirshtein asks. If so, this sangria may be just the thing for you – and your soon-to-be-grateful guests: It gets its kick and sweetness from moonshine, both straight and flavored, rather than some combination of brandy, cointreau, and added sugar. Since a jar of moonshine is 750 milliliters, the same as a bottle of wine, you won't have much measuring to do if you're making enough for a crowd.

• 1 part apple pie moonshine
• 1/2 part original moonshine
• 1 part red wine
• 1/4 part Triple Sec
• 2 parts orange juice
• Chopped fruit of your choice

Combine all ingredients in a pitcher or punch bowl, and let refrigerate overnight (or about 12 hours). Serve in wineglasses, over ice if desired.