Endpoints: Thermopolis, Wyoming, and Four Corners Monument
Route: South. Just south. Distance: 690 miles
Estimated time: 14 hours (one way)
2005 MV Agusta F4-1000S
Engine: 1,078cc inline 4

In his words: "Around Los Angeles I can split traffic, squeeze my way by. Stop signs, stoplights – they don't bother me at all. If I piss somebody off, they have to catch me to make it count. But my favorite ride is up and down the mountain passes of Colorado. I come down out of Thermopolis, Wyoming, through Rifle, on my way to Four Corners. I always take the roads that are the least traveled by cars. I never want to ride on a freeway – it's fast, but it's extraordinarily boring and five times as dangerous. So I take the winding roads and really crank it on. Several of these passes are over 10,000 feet, but as long as you know there are no rocks on the road, you're cool. I ride till dusk and then just find a motel, or if I have a sleeping bag I'll just jam it down and crash. In the last couple years, I've had my right ankle fused and my left hip replaced, but I'm not going to stop riding. It's liberating. My secret is: Don't ride freeways, and don't use a map. You take chances – the road might be closed or a bridge may be out – but if you just know where you're riding, everything becomes a new experience."

Fonda portrayed a Hells Angels president in 'The Wild Angels' and Captain America in 'Easy Rider.'