Crossroads, which trumps its competitors in size, selection, and price, carries music in most formats, though vinyl dominates its shelves. Old concert posters cover the high ceilings, and sub-par lighting makes it feel appropriately dingy. The store's unassuming exterior, coupled with its distance – six solid blocks from the heart of Hawthorne at S.E. 37th Ave., – keep it from getting picked clean. Rummaging through it all, it's hard to imagine going anywhere else for records – a perfect condition vinyl of Elvis Costello's 'This Year's Model' sits in plain sight for only $5. Crossroads has music from 25 dealers, covering most every genre in the musical spectrum. "Psychedelic, post-punk, obscure new wave," says one employee when asked what to sum up the shop's specialty. "Lots of jazz, blues, classic rock," he adds. "Pretty much everything."