A spacious white storage hangar packed with 1960s and 1970s furniture and illuminated by nearly 100 retro lamps, Lounge Lizard has built a strong reputation for eye-catching, reasonably priced decor during its nine years of operation. Resellers from Los Angeles and Seattle frequent the store, snatching items at cheaper Portland costs and later reselling them for at least twice as much. Merchandise is well priced – midcentury side tables for around $60, Danish Modern couches from $200 – and the across-the-board quality is unmistakable. If furniture isn't your thing, there are other oddities, like clothes, books, and even a framed velvet unicorn picture hanging on one wall. "We get a lot of unicorn folks in here," says Mark Price, a Lounge Lizard employee. Whether purchasing or not, the sightseeing alone makes Lounge Lizard worth a visit.