The pitch: With most phones, you're stuck with the buttons the designers settled on. Plug a tiny Pressy into your headphone jack, though, and you've got have a fast-action button that does what you tell it to.

The goods: Shoot a photo, set your phone to silent, or turn on a flashlight in one tap. Pressy's software allows users to set up whatever actions they want and link them to certain tap combinations. Tell your phone to send a text message saying "Driving home" every time you click three times, and set a 7 a.m. alarm every time you click twice. The idea came from the creator's dislike of the "tedious actions" most phones require: unlocking a screen, entering a password, finding and opening an application, shutting it off, rinsing, repeating. Pressy currently works only with Android phones.

The result: Pressy's developer, Nimrod Back, told 'Men's Journal' that Pressy is the "classic Kickstarter product." Having failed to draw attention from traditional investors, the project rapidly raised more than $585,000 on the crowdfunding platform from 24,374 backers, far beyond its $10,000 goal. Back says he'll start shipping in March 2014. [$27;]