British cycling outfitter Rapha doesn't just make clothes for riding, it makes fetish items. From its throwback looks to its unparalleled quality, Rapha's gear inspires anyone to want to jump on the saddle. The company's jeans are no different. The category-standard reflective material under the cuff here is a showy pink stripe, along with a Rapha logo that is so eye-catching, it caused another rider to actually pull us over to ask where we bought these jeans. Other fetching details include a contrasting white belt loop and some subtle colored stitching. But the stuff you don't see is even more impressive: a grippy waistband that stops the jeans from slipping down, offset inseams to prevent chafing, and deep-cut pockets that mean your keys and cell phone are never in danger of falling out. They'd be perfect if the fit were a bit less straight-legged and the blended denim a touch softer. [$220;]