'Salt, Sugar, Fat'
By Michael Moss
Random House

The conclusion of Michael Moss's book, 'Salt, Sugar, Fat' is not exactly a shocker: Food conglomerates like Kraft, PepsiCo, and General Mills, with their reliance on unhealthy and irresistible ingredients, are hugely responsible for this country's current obesity problem. The surprising revelation that emerges from this deep, multiyear investigation is how these companies came to dominate the grocery store – and changed a nation's eating habits. In perhaps the most comprehensive book to date on the subject, Moss, a Pulitzer Prize–winning 'New York Times' journalist, explores wild historical anecdotes, exposes behind-the-scene corporate decision-making, and gets inside the labs where food scientists create these foods. While much of what Moss finds is despairing ("One in three adults are clinically obese with kids not far behind; 26 million people have diabetes; there's $300 million in annual cost from lost productivity for food-related health issues"), he holds out hope that we will soon see healthier food and it will come from the same people. He explains how we can now navigate the grocery store around salt, sugar, and fat and make our buying power mean something.