The pitch: Sous-vide cooking has long been the exclusive precinct of wonky DIYers and forward-thinking chefs. The process involves immersing airtight packages filled with meat or other food in warm (not hot) liquid for extreme slow cooking, resulting in evenly cooked, juicy, tender food with most of the nutrients left intact. The Sansaire now makes this technique doable for weekend kitchen warriors.

The goods: The circulator attaches to any size vessel (pot, multigallon bin) and displays accurate water temperature, down to 0.1 Celsius increments. Boosting or lowering temperatures is only a matter of turning a ring. The Sansaire allows cooks to heat meats and vegetables to very specific temperatures.

The result: $823,000 raised on Kickstarter of a $100,000 goal by over 4,000 backers. It's available for pre-order now, with orders due to ship on November 18, 2013. [$199;]