Back in my full-time, professional Ironman triathlon racing days, I'd load up on pasta, conventional bread, and pizza – all refined carbohydrate-based. This was not such a good idea.

Refined carbs consist of starch. And that's about it. Whereas, pseudo grains also comprise of good quality fats, protein, and fiber, which is a powerful combo that will help to stabilize blood sugar and maintain a feeling of satiation longer. This being the case, you'll be able to stay focused and will not have to endure an energy dip and sleepiness that traditionally follows the consumption of refined carbs.

Some examples of pseudo grains: buckwheat (not actually wheat and contains no gluten), amaranth, wild rice (not actually rice, but a seed), quinoa, and millet. They can all be found in the bulk section of health food stores, Whole Foods Markets, and most grocery stores.