Having a power meter is only half the battle; to get the most out of your watts you'll need some software to analyze all the data. Social sports network Strava gets our nod for the most intuitive post-ride platform. And at $6 a month, its premium service doesn't break the bank. In addition to all the fun built-in metrics and competitions that stack up against local riders, Strava Premium also allows you to get under your hood, breaking down data like power distribution, zone distribution (how much time you spent in each training zone, from recovery pace to neuromuscular efforts), and even compares your most recent ride with your all-time best. The graphs are easy to grasp and give you a snapshot of how far you've progressed and in what areas you need to improve, while the ride documentation helps motivate you by keeping you accountable for your training. [$6 a month; strava.com]