Skiers and snowboarders may not realize that, even though their bodies are covered, their skin is drying out. The first step in protecting the skin before hitting the slopes is to avoid harsh soaps and to treat your whole body with (1) lotions and moisturizing bath products. Then, brace your face. Dr. David Colbert, a Manhattan dermatologist and extreme skier, created a lightweight facial oil (2) to "protect against windburn and stop ice crystals from forming at high speeds and low temperatures." Using a sunblock (3) with both chemical and physical properties (in other words, the product contains SPF chemicals as well as physical barriers, like zinc oxide) all over your face is preferable, but applying it on and under your nose – which tends to protrude, run, sweat – is a requisite. Lips are your facial Achilles' heel: "They soak in more sun than anything else and take a big hit at 6,000 feet," says Colbert. Be sure to reapply an SPF lip balm (4) or wax all day long.

Pictured, from left:

1. Ahava Juniper mineral bath salts for hydrating skin and soothing aching muscles [$22;]
2. Illumino Face Oil [$125; Barneys New York]
3. Sun Bum SPF 30 Face Stick [$10;]
4. Supergoop SPF 30 Lip Balm [$8.50;]