There is absolutely nothing wrong with a partisan cap, especially one that represents your team by giving a bit of a nod to its history, but fandom shouldn't be a full-time gig. A good-for-all-area-codes hat guarantees that you'll have something to throw on regardless of where you're traveling or what bar you're frequenting. Come summer, you want to flaunt a brim without taking heat for your allegiance to the Sox, Cards, or Yanks. A neutral cap makes a statement without offending, identifying you as a fan of manners.

We like the utilitarian look of this handsome Norse Projects Denim Flap Cap. The N on view isn't a call-out to Nashville Americans of the 1885 Southern League – as you surely guessed – but a nice bit of branding for the Copenhagen-based label. Like much of the collection, the six-panel, adjustable cap is inspired by workwear of the late 19th century and though the brand is European, its hats are manufactured in some of the oldest millineries in the U.S. [$68;]