An Ohio-based suiting service bent on offering American men the Savile Row experience, Astor & Black deploys "Professional Clothiers" to its customers' homes and offices. These experts – there are currently 92 – go through a remarkably thorough 28-point process to perfect fit then show off a wide variety of fabric swatches. The service is a bit flash and perfect for men who want to add a bit more flavor to their wardrobe, making it a better fit if you're dressing for parties than for the board room. That said, the party had better be next month. Not content to assume its tailors nailed the fit right out of the gate, Astor & Black has its clothiers personally deliver each suit and make absolutely sure everything is in order. If there are any lingering concerns, the company adjusts the information it keeps on file and the clothier brings the suit to a local tailor for adjustment.

Of all the affordable bespoke suiters, Astor & Black provides the most stylish service. If you want to be pampered, this is likely your best option – especially if you get lucky with a great clothier. Given that American office workers traditionally order in more junk food than they do tailors, having one of A & B's efficient professionals swing by your desk might cause a bit of a stir. Then again, maybe that's the point.

Cost: Because A & B offers such a wide range of fabrics, its suits come in a very wide variety of prices. Expect to pay around $800, depending on whether you go with the Zegna.

Convenience: This is a decidedly high-end service and is not well-suited (zing!) to anyone who doesn't live in a major city.