Much has been written about SuitSupply's racks of stylish duds and hip salesmen, who seem to genuinely enjoy helping men find something a bit more advanced than what they thought they wanted. Measurements and tailoring are done on location – our favorite being the middle of Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport – and suits are prepared quickly, making SuitSupply the natural choice for anyone who has to look good at a meeting tomorrow. But one aspect of the brand's model receives less praise than it rightly deserves: The in-store tailors do a great job of altering suits brought in from the street and don't charge exorbitant prices.

This service allows in-the-know dressers to turn off-the-rack suits into tightly tailored statement pieces. Rather than being limited to any one store's selection of fabrics, men are free to peruse department stores, boutiques, and even thrift stores before getting their look sharpened up with narrowed collar, tightened shoulders, and a bit of lower-leg taper – touches that make a profound difference in a suit's first impression. Old suits that get the SuitSupply treatment are entirely reinvigorated.

SuitSupply may not have a crew of wandering tailors, but it is probably the first suit-making chain to offer a high-quality service and it is expanding rapidly. The speed of the service has introduced instant gratification to the field.

Cost: In-store tailors charge by task. Tapering costs $17 while narrowing a suit's shoulders cost $75. On average, men who bring suits in can probably expect to spend a little north of $100. New suits start at around $469.

Convenience: SuitSupply is a great spot for guerilla shoppers – men who like to get in and get out. The brand is also expanding at a dizzying rate. SuitSupply stores have already sprung up in New York; Philadelphia; Washington D.C.; Atlanta; Chicago; Dallas; Houston; Denver; and Seattle – not to mention Beijing and Riga, Latvia.