Age: 20

Born: Stuttgart, Germany; raised in Australia

Rank: 44

Profile: If tennis was looking for a bad boy, it found one in the 6-foot-5 Tomic. Luckily, his game is as colorful and unpredictable as his antics: He asked an umpire to remove his father/coach from one of his matches and got involved in a standoff with Australian police when he refused to pull over in his BMW M3. Still, the rangy power hitter has the talent to contend for Grand Slams.

Record against Federer: 0-4. "I'd love to beat Federer. That's my dream, but it's tough. He's got a great defense. That's why he's been the best to play our sport, ever."

Indulgence: "Cars. A lot of people say I'm being the bad boy, but who doesn't love a nice car? I just did things that a normal teenager dreams of doing. But I'm going to save all those things for after my tennis career and really focus."