Age: 22

Born: Podgorica, Montenegro; raised in Toronto

Rank: 15

Profile: The son of engineers, the 6-foot-5 Raonic was college-bound until he persuaded his parents to let him go pro. They gave him a year to crack the top 100, and he did, rising from 150 to 37 in just six weeks.

What opponents fear: "My serve. It puts a lot of pressure on them, because if I get a break, I can serve out the set quite consistently."

Kill your heroes: Raonic played Pete Sampras at an exhibition match in 2011. "It was a childhood dream come true, so I was a little giddy about it, but at the same time, I was competing out there. The guy's retired. You've got to win."

Indulgence: The Toronto Raptors. Raonic estimates that he goes to 80 percent of the games in town.