The Swedish active-lifestyle brand Fjallraven has gained a substantial following in the United States thanks to its attractive and durable backpacks, but the company's excellent outerwear still doesn't receive enough attention. The new Greenland No.1 Special Edition jacket might change that. The lightweight, hooded shell is modeled after the jackets used by arctic explorers in the 60s and pairs practical Swedish minimalism with a bit of unexpected cowboy flair. 

With its two stylized flap pockets, colored shoulders, and a bright button front, the No.1 would pass for a Western-style button-down shirt if not for the hood and the tough G-1000 fabric. Instead, it comes across as a playful piece of autumn outfitting, thick enough to stop a cold wind and thin enough to keep commuters from overheating. And though it looks surprisingly good with a white oxford shirt and a tie, the jacket is expedition ready, thanks to the extra shoulder room and tight leather cuffs. This is the perfect coat for the early days of ski season, provided the owner takes a bit of time to apply Greenland Wax, a waterproofing product developed specifically with Fjallraven coats in mind. An old-fashioned garment calls for old-fashioned treatments.

And that leather patch on the left shoulder emblazoned with Fjallraven's logo, an arctic fox curled into a warm ball, is more than just a nice bit of styling. For every No. 1 purchased in Europe, the company donates 5 Euros to fox conservation efforts. Though that offer doesn't extend to the Americas, one gets the sense that Fjallraven will stay true to its environmentally conscious heritage as it becomes a hit stateside. [$250;]