The problem that liquor stores faced in the early 1990s, is that all of the vodkas on their shelves were a bit harsh and about as smooth as 40-grit sandpaper – they weren't something you could sip on the rocks. Tito's solved that problem. Made from 100% corn and distilled six times in a pot still that the company's owner, Tito Beveridge (actual name!), built by looking at photos of old moonshining stills, this vodka is "very, very easy to drink," according to Cannon, who suggests that you simply pour Tito's on ice and garnish it with a skewer of olives or a swath of lemon or orange. "When you have an extremely high-quality distillate, simply garnishing it with a little brine or citrus lets the vodka shine through," he says. [$20/750ml;]