Lysacek says he often gets amazed stares from the other athletes at the DISC Olympic training facility in Marina del Rey, California, who are astounded by his pound-for-pound strength. "They often ask me, 'What sport do you play again?' " he laughs. This supposedly scrawny ice skater credits a strong core with his ability to out-buff all the other guys, and he credits seated runs with helping build his.

In a seated position in a chair, hold a light dumbbell in each hand. Lift both legs so that you are balancing between your gluts and your lower back. While retaining tension in your core, bend one knee up to your chest, and bring your opposite elbow to touch that knee. Then extend your bent leg while bringing your other knee to your chest, crunching your opposite elbow to touch. Repeat this six times, three on each side. Then bring the dumbbells to your chest and press upward, similar to an overhead press. Bring the weights back to center – all of this counts as one rep. Lysacek usually does five sets of 10 reps.